Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Improve sea kayaking - North Wales, Anglesey

This weekends Improve saw Douglas and Kath returning and meeting up again with Jon and Sarah. Initially we began with inside & out side edged turns, and then introducing cross deck & bow rudders, to tighten up a turn. We then journeying along, moving in and out of the rocky North coast of Anglesey. After lunch at the brick works we paddled in to the next bay, "Hells Mouth" and worked our way to middle mouse (small island off shore), before returning to Bull Bay.

2nd day was working initially on the use of stern rudders in a following sea and latter deep water rescues, balance and self rescues.

Sarah achieving a self rescue, cowgirl style (over the back deck)

Kath working with "around the world" advanced style, and keeping it together ...just!

Jon, showing what paddling a K1 marathon kayak can do for your balance!

Paddling back towards Menai bridge, after another super weekend.

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