Monday, 13 September 2010

North Wales Sea Kayaking - Group Adventure

North Wales Sea Kayaking - Menai Straits and Puffin Island

What was initially a Discover sea kayaking course, soon got notched up a level, as it was clear that Dan x2, Andy and Mark were up for an Adventure and ready for some excitement. With wind against tide in the centre of the Menai Straits, making rougher water this was easy to find and provided a super introduction and a great opportunity to introduce crossing channels and ferry gliding.

Our 2nd day was a journey to Puffin Island. With the success of the previous days ferry glides and crossing rough channels, despite winds of f3/4 NW it was worth having a look. The current was flowing in the same direction as the wind, and although the channel was rough we gentle worked up to the central red concrete buoy, were there was about 2ft of swell and short waves. We worked the rough water for a couple of circuits and then crossed the channel. On reaching the most westerly end, we gave some space between the rocks and us, and we were rewarded with a couple seals, swimming out to us and one in particular, a young female was very inquisitive.

The journey back across was rougher due to the tide turning earlier. We now were in the early beginning of wind against tide, although flow was 0.5knt. Once across we took a break around the southern side of Penmon Point, and made our way back to the start. Before getting off we did a few balance games and finished with a self rescue. Ice creams in Beaumaris made a classic finish to adventurous and exciting weekend, which I'm sure the guys will remember for times to come, well done!

Dan G, show how its done!
Mark taking some air, in the Straits!

Initial break before heading out and across to the island.

The 4 of them (honest) getting a feel for the current, swell and wind, just before deciding to cross.
The reward for all of that effort, and she came even closer than this!

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