Saturday, 9 April 2011

North Wales Sea Kayaking with

Wales Circumnavigation

Day 7-Shepherd Patch-Clevedon

Loaded with 7days supplies we waved Sonja, Ozzy and the support van off for our final 8 k canal paddle. Arriving at Sharpness early we checked in with the docks and then relaxed lazing in the sun. At 11.30 as requested we waited expectantly at the lock to be greated with some confusion- the lock wasn't going to be opening! Dissapointed we paddled off looking for alternatives. As we mustered enthusiasm two British Waterways men appeared offering help. Michael Nash team leader, and Des Reece transported our boats on a pickup. Thankyou so much. Our boats were delivered to a slipway, and after a short muddy slide we were in the Severn making the most of the remaining ebb tide. Once on the Severn the pace picked up reaching 19.2km/hr under the bridges which seemed to come and go at a great rate - with some interesting water. Lunch on Denny island, light winds, and fast currents delivered to a classic active british beach scene at Clevedon. Our muddiest landing yet, although worth it for the beautiful sunset, dinner on the slipway, beers in the friendly local and a welcome night on the beach.

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  1. Think I might of seen you passing the Knap (BARRY) earlier on ?