Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Sea Kayaking North Wales

Wales Circumnavigation

Day 9 Llantilltud Fawr - Kenfig Bay

Last nights secluded beach turned out to be party central of Llantilltud Fawr. After setting up a mix of tents and bivvys the incoming tide approached further than anticipated. Thankfully careful watching allowed time for a quick shift onto the bouldery slope or a rocky shelf and soon the team were sleeping despite the band playing in the background.

Mugs of tea and additional calorific intake for some set us up for a magic paddle along the coastline and crossing to Porthcawl, with the team getting used to paddling loaded boats in more interesting water. Good surf landings from all at Kenfig Bay in time to enjoy the lazy Sunday afternoon on the sand dunes. A restful and relaxing time.

This sets us up for an early crossing to The Mumbles and on into the Gower ahead of the approaching low pressure system.

We have now covered a third of our distance.

Looking out to the Mumbles and Worms Head


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