Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Wales Circumnavigation

Day 24 Llandulas to Connahs Quay

Our final push to the end…..! Chased in by an encouraging westerly allowed us to travel between 4-6knots with some exciting moments over shallow sandbanks! We arrived at Connah’s Quay at 3.45pm where we had left from 24 days ago, on the 25th April 2011. The circumnavigation of Wales including Anglesey was completed in 21 days, with 3 additional stormbound days.

We celebrated in style with a huge roast feast with bubbly and beers. Thanks to Justine for delivering the chucks to the oven and for providing the homemade Elderflower Champagne whilst Sonja and Oz did their final mission to Deeside to pick us up.

Big thankyou’s go to all the guys and gals who have helped, assisted and encouraged us along the way. Special thanks go to:
Sonja Ezergailis for her continuous support and encouragement; forecasts, resupplys and backup; and Ozzy for bringing a smile to our faces with a bounce in his step and a wag of his tail!

Look What We Found www.lookwhatwefound.co.uk
Pre cooked vacuum packed food which helped us meet our nutritional requirements!
Peak UK for their support www.peakuk.com
Mark Tozer and Barry Shaw for the loan of kayak trolleys.
Justine Curgenven for loaning us an entire set of laminated maps www.cackletv.com, and for providing Sonja with much needed dinner during her manic moments!
Ray Goodwin for his advice and information on the River Dee and Bristol Channel www.raygoodwin.com
UCLAN technology for their SPOT and GPS
Lucy for being fantastic and holding the fort at home
Darren Walker for the loan of masses of kit
Natur in Llanberis for their RAW energy bars www.ilovesheds.com
All those people who have helped, assisted and encouraged us along the way.
…….Over and out from Rapid Development Expedition Team (RDX) 2011
For information on the rapid development expeditions run by Coastal Spirit and for other sea kayaking courses visit our website at www.coastalspirit.com or contact us at info@coastalspirit.com


  1. Well done guy's, a fab adventure & it gives me a rough idea how long it's gonna take me when I set off on May the 3rd :)

  2. Hey Taran, good to hear from you and some initially points come to mind:

    Ray Goodwins words stayed with us .. when the days rough be patient and have a good book, when the days good just keep on going!

    Have an awareness of when your hitting neaps and springs, so ideally use the springs on the gentle sections of the coast and the neaps on the livelier sections.

    Place your self as close to the crux sections as you can, so you hit them when you want. ie: camping at west angle allowed us to be close to jack sound, and with only 2 hours of tide in our favour, to make the most of it on Ramsey, before rounding St Davids Head. Super day with seeing the moon set and sun rise!

    Look at your calories, eat well and keep hydrated.

    3 of us had problems with salt/sun blisters on the back of our hands: wash every eve with fresh water and ideally use a good hand cream with honey? and consider using gloves to protect in the first place.

    Have a super time and all the best.


  3. Congrats saw you miles off the Llandudno coast the other day

  4. Hi Roger, Thanks for the advice. The hardest bit for me is the keeping hydrated with a bladder like mine, think I'll carry an empty bottle (LOL).

    I'm busy rushing around getting everything ready & hoping I can fit it in my boat. I'll have to play with the trim during the trip as I ain't tested the boat loaded yet.

    Itching to go now :)