Saturday, 13 August 2011

Discover sea kayaking - ladies who launch!

After a few days of fresh winds, we had a good break in the weather and with the groups increased ability we were able to paddle a section of the North coast, Bull Bay to the brick works and back.

We were on an hour after high water which allowed us to get into a couple of caves and some good rock gardening (moving kayaks in and out of rocky channels). In the back ground is Jean, Cath, Pat and Cherry, in the foreground.

We had a light shower push through, so hoods were useful one more! Jean paddling on through some moving water.

Pat leading out of a tighter turn from one of the caves.

Cherry doing some rock gardening, with good concentration.

Cath approaching a narrower slot.

The light again was great and the winds remained gentle, throughout the day and the journey made the a super end to the week.

Congratulations to all for working with the sea kayaking, despite the rain and wind ... and camping in it as well ... well done to one and all!
roger chandler
level 5 coach - sea

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