Thursday, 25 August 2011

Sea kayaking in current- The Swellies, Menai Straits

With a forecast of f4 and occasional gust of f5, the Menai Straits was the plan and particularly because work on flow and current was wanted. Its one of the super points about the Straits, as you are often out of any swell, so the current is clearer, more visible and easier to feel.

It also worked well for us, so we could get on at Menai Bridge and paddle with current up to Britannia and then back to Menai Bridge, which meant more time on the water and less driving!

We worked on ferry glides and eddy turns, really aiming to use BODY, to effect the shape of the Boat and minimise use of blade, so as to be more efficient. It was a great afternoon, with some super boat control from Tracy and Andy.

Overall it was much calmer than expected in the Straits ... until just after this really black cloud passed through and a very windy front!

We finished off in one of the lower channels, as the rain arrived and slowly paddled back to our start point, and were soon drinking hot chocolates and reflecting on the day.

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