Monday, 22 August 2011

Improve and Improve + sea kayaking Anglesey, day 2

The 2nd day, was at Treadour Bay after a f6/7 had blown through the night some swell was left over and gave us a useful environment to work with, paddling in and out of the rocky channels, keeping vision wide and putting what we had done in the calmer bays into a new context.

We then moved on to surfing a sea kayak, having used our stern rudders earlier in the day, working with a good rotated body to get a paddle that runs parole with the keel line of the kayak. Andy having a good run in, with a gentle out side edge.

Phil going for an on side edge and getting to grips with it all ... he wins the days stamina award for just keeping on going!

Carl getting a ride in ..
Julie just about to, after getting the kayak up to speed.

Clive with a good on side lean, and showing we guys can multi task!

Steve generating some speed ...

Gary and Steve in the back ground, with a few of the many dingoes that were out in the bay and Phil beginning a run in.

It was a super end to the week end and despite some very mixed and windy weather ...which mainly happened over night, which was topped off with hot drinks in Treadour Bay hotel before departing and journeys home.

Big thanks to Gary for organising the weekend and to Barry who worked with me on the weekend .
roger chandler
L5 coach sea

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