Monday, 7 November 2011

winter sea kayaking course, and some sunshine!

Sea kayaking in some super Winter sunshine, is a real winner and although the air was fresh, it was a real pleasure. This was our Xplore sea kayaking course, aimed at intermediate paddlers.
Day 1: We headed off to Rhoscolyn to find some swell and tidal movement.

We began with a mobility session on the beach and then moved into the of use of BODY to create effective edge and leaned turns, working on horizontal and vertical turns.

We then moved out of the bay and put into the context of moving in and out of the rocks, before crossing over to the Beacon. We were on a neap tide and with a light wind against, so it provided so welcomed rougher flow.

One of the locals enjoying the morning sunshine!

I then took 4 of the group of 6/7 out to the far end of the Beacon for a couple of runs in the bigger swell. We then headed back to the main land for some lunch.

Jon at Silver Bay with some swell, which dumped on the beach, but provided some super runs.

Gary on the way out ..

Heading back with some super light and good rock hoping

Day 2
With an even calmer forecast The Stacks just had to be and a rare calm, neap and easy to work with slack waters made for a hopeful super calm trip ... with more great channels and rocks to move around

South Stack lighthouse in the distance, with Andy looking on ...

More amazing rocky channels ...

One of the HUGE caves in Gogarth bay and an atmospheric swell, thundering into the back of the cave

Keith just inside of North Stack and working some gentle current

Becky in her new boat ... and super environment, light and surroundings ...

The Irish ferry and a wrap up to the end of the day.

Rolls, deep water rescues and self rescues were attempted and successful for many, with Jon and Andy achieving an effective re entry and roll, self rescue. Congrats to Gary for succesfuly achieving 3 star sea!

Coffees and hot chocolates and jumping jacks concluded the day, before returning to the boat yard and saying good byes ... that is until early December when all six will be out again ... and hopefully bringing some super sunshine in the mean time!!

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