Friday, 18 November 2011

3 star sea training - North Wales, Anglesey

With a super forecast on Tuesday, Treadour Bay was the destination with 12 students on an Outdoor Eduction course and keen to work towards there 3 star sea. Saying that none had been in a sea kayak before so we had some work cut out!!

The first day we focused on all the skills that make up effective paddling, with a lot of time on inside and out side turns, getting the building blocks right, meant the other strokes just slotted into place ...

Kai working on a cross deck bow rudder ...

We then headed out to Ravens point to feel the open sea, and put the earlier skills into context ...

Back in the bay and some fun and balance, working towards deep water rescues, self rescues and rolling ... Billy above ..

Ben above getting a feel for the Delphin!! It was a super introduction to the day, and all the students worked really hard ... just couldn't get them out of the water!!

Day 2
At Cemais bay on the North coast of Anglesey, with the aim of paddling to Bull Bay, via middle mouse and some Moderate water!!

Heading out to Middle Mouse, working on a transits to adjust our angle and monitor progress while being aware of each other, so keeping together with appropriate space ...

Finding some good gentle flow on the west side of the island ...

and loving it!!

Having headed aback to Anglesey we paddled around and into Hells Mouth, were we took a break before heading into some sheltered but rougher water, to work on deep water rescues and anchored tows

Middle Mouse in the back ground, on the left ..

Jo (one of the groups lectures) relaxed in the conditions ;-)

Billy at the far end of Hells Mouth looking back and out to Middle Mouse, in the distance.

After another short break at the brick works, we headed across the bay ...

Explore a cave ... and had a super exciting finish before landing at Bull Bay. All had done very well considering, the conditions they paddled in ... so to the last day.

Day 3
We were keen to put them into some wind, as they had experienced swell and gentle current, and wind of F3, we needed more ... we got it with a F6/7 forecast, so the Menai Straits with a following sea, fantastic ...

Good commitment to there low brace turns, with the wind gusting under the A55 bridge, we moved on ...

The groups had mainly been using stern rudders and skegs to keep boats tracking straight and then been practicing coming along side effectively to tow another sea kayak and also setting up a tandem rafted tow. They were then given short tasks to work there way back to the slip way, looking out for each other and choosing the best lines.

The groups finished off with more rolling and with the previous nights pool session, there was more successful attempts.

Thanks to Mike for contacting us in the first place, we wish all of the students great success with the programme and there future sea kayaking expedition in Sardinia.

Big thanks to Barry Shaw, for working with me during the week ... and leaving his mug in my van, yet again!!
3 star sea kayaking courses
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