Monday, 21 November 2011

Rapid Development Xpedition (RDX 2012) - training weekend

Following on from the great success and listening to your feedback, in 2012 we are offering a shorter 16 day xpedition, which may be one big trip ... if the weather is looking settled, or two/three smaller islands or journeys. It is an intensive developmental programme, with two weekends before the main event, so individuals can meet, get to know each other and importantly set action plans that address areas to work on, improve and maintain.

The first weekends training was finally here, with both Shamim and Zoe having arrived on friday evening, we had a relaxed and informal start to the weekend. Sonja was away on a UKCC level 2 coach assessment ... down in Cardiff and to help support the weekend, Di Lee was working with me, coaching and sharing her experiences and top tips from our paddle round Wales earlier in the year.

Day 1
After going through some paper work, discussing wants and needs we set of for the Straits to concentrate on a forward paddling work shop which Di led. It was great seeing Di work and address to different learning styles effectively and after two hours both commented on the fact that their forward paddling felt better, was smoother, less tiring and more effective ... happy days!!

Zoe had to leave on Saturday eve, due to work commitments, so following a goal setting session, i dropped her at the station, while Di reflected on the day with Shamim.

Day 2

More of the above, to grove in the skill, plus an aim of becoming more aware of the dynamic and ever changing sea environment .... with flow, current, eddies and back eddies, so that the angle chosen is the most effective ... and some rock hoping ... cave exploration!!

Bull Bay north coast Anglesey and a super calm day ...

Shamim looking across to Middle Mouse .. working the back eddies close inshore

Di and Shamim upping their cadence and jumping on the main flow back to Bull Bay, with some gentle breeze against tide and useful in helping Shamim to identify, flow and eddies

Action planning with Shamim and a date set for Sonja to contact and work with a telephone coaching session, to further clarify and assist with goal setting.

It was a super weekend, with great results and both Shamim and Zoe being clear on what they needed to work on, between now and the March weekend (this will be an over night 2 day paddle on Anglesey) which will be the final group preparation, before beginning early April with the 16 day expedition and a true adventure!

BIG thanks to Di Lee for her support and great coaching over the weekend.
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