Thursday, 30 May 2013

19th day Ireland Circumnavigation

Noel of Irish Adventures finally got rid of us this morning! We were on the water for 9am and I was so happy that we'd had the last 2 days off! There was a 2 metre swell running with messy and reflected waves. It was fun and the wind was lighter than forecast, so good to be putting this section of coast behind us. We arrived at Fahamore, Co Kerry having paddled about 17 miles. Harold and Betty Whelan (Harry Whelans parents) picked us up from the slipway and took us to their caravan. A lovely lunch of smoked salmon and mugs of tea. (Harry and Geoff hold the record of 25 days!)

Were now off to a pub which we've been told has the best Guinness in Ireland! Ill let you know........!

 Starting off after a few days pause....

Taking a break before crossing the bay....


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