Friday, 17 May 2013

Ireland Day 5

Super day today, weve been put up by a paddler that previously held the record and have a chicken casserole with spuds!

Sky blue calm day today, kept close to the shore as the tide was against us at the start and made our way to Kilmore Quay and with an hours wait the "chippy" was open!! Beer battered haddock and top chips!!! Back on the water and heading for the "Saltees" and the Gannets colony. Amazing..! We paddled to the large Saltee, got on the tide and headed across to Hook Head, our first bigger open crossing.

Justine had a call earlier in the week from Mick O Meara about picking us up and the offer of showers and a floor to sleep on. Justine gave him a bell whilst we were on the water and we aimed for Ballymacaw 5 nautical miles away. Got there just before 21.00 and Mick soon arrived. Fab evening and so welcoming...big thanks Mick.


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