Thursday, 23 May 2013

Day 11/12 Around Ireland Cicumnavigation

Barry managed to get a bowl of porridge down but still felt sick. The West Cork Hotel would give us a significantly reduced cost second night so we chose to stay! Following morning we all met at breakfast and had delicious eggy bread with Maple syrup, bananas and roasted almonds. Barry was also looking much better! Jim picked us up and dropped us back at our boats and soon we were off again with Barry leading and setting a fair old pace!! The flood tide had begun and could be felt at the headland off of Toe Head, the wind was blowing offshore with a few strong gusts. At 1pm we took a lunch break and shortly after found a camp spot, super small but grassy and flat. 12nm and 4 hours on the water.

Is it a boat, is it SOT, is it a kayak...? NO its a bath!!!
And a fantastic one too courtesy of the West Cork Hotel


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