Wednesday, 19 March 2014

5 star leader training sea

The weekends course was made up with Phil, Ed and Gwyn.  The 5 star leader award is an advanced leadership award and we had good although variable conditions.  After coffee and a look through the updated syllabus, we looked at the weather and looking for some current, head off towards the North coast.  Harry Furlongs race provide some exciting conditions, without the real commitment of  a couple of the other locations and we had some good wind against tide and steep waves.

After some surfing, rescues, contact tows and leadership positioning, we did a rocky landing for some lunch.  The sun was doing its best to warm the day while a good f5 blew form the WSW.  Once back on the water we did a couple of short navigation legs out to fixed buoys and then did a run down to West Mouse  ...

Due to the forecast specifically saying a f6 arriving later, I decided despite the wind was now a f3, to relocate to the East coast for the night navigation.  It was a lovely night, with a good sized moon, and I wish Id taken my camera as the sunset, was super ....

Following morning, some close quartering and working in the rocks, emphasising judgement and leadership positioning.  More in- depth towline work, with rafted tows and turning that into an assisted, gully rescues with out and with tow lines.

Then on to South Stack and moving up against a stiff flow at Annie's Arch and on to the race.  We were at the end of the 4th hour, so although the waves were big, they were more chunky, than steep ...
We finished off the day working in pairs with an all in rescue, before heading back to to the start.

The day was wrapped up with action plans created and 3 happy looking people ...

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5 star leader training sea

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