Wednesday, 19 March 2014

4 Star Leader Training - S ea ... 2 places now available due to cancelation

4 star leader training course sea with currently two places available due to a joint cancellation. Options exist as a two day training course at £160 and 29/30th March, or with Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning (CNTP) at £230 and on the 31st March.   Just attending the CNTP theory day cost £90. Or make it into a 5 day course at £330 and make the most of conditions and work on your action plan on days 4/5, from the 29/3 - 2/4.

This 4 star leader training course will cover the personal skills, leadership, improvised rescue and navigation skills.  While the CNTP is a theory based course on the third day.  The 4th and 5th days are called Development days and allow you to paddle your action plan and experience more of what Anglesey can offer.

The 4 star course, over three - five days aims to exceed the training requirements for this award and goes into more depth, allowing more time for reflection, discussion and being out on the sea, in various conditions. 

The aim of the CNTP course is to provide paddlers with the tools so as to be able to plan and navigate effectively on coastal journeys in moderate sea conditions, up to 2 nautical miles offshore in areas of tidal movement up to 2 knots.  
At the end of your 4 star sea training course you will also have opportunity to complete a personalised action plan.  Plus as part of our commitment to your development and progress we offer you the opportunity if your skills are up to speed to observe and assist on two Coastal Spirit sea kayaking course's, free. 

Previous experience and requirements for attending a training course, are the new 3 star sea award, or the old 4 star sea award or old level 3 coach training and a current 8 hour first aid certificate incl CPR. 

For the 4 star leader sea training, guidance notes and the syllabus have a look here.

What a couple of people have said ...

Thanks Roger, great week.  Feel like I've moved on so much in lots of ways.

Cheers, Gordon - Cheshire.

Thank you very much for the nice pictures and the course.  Three days proved to be really valuable for me and gave me extra motivation to continue in the BCU performance & leadership awards system.

All the best, Mikk - Estonia

To get a better feel for a course or see a brief account have a look and read a summary on my Blog here.

Email me if your interested or want more information.  

Thanks, Roger

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