Monday, 10 March 2014

InterMediate Sea Kayaking - North Wales, Anglesey

Last weekend InterMedaite sea kayaking course, was made up of Douglas, Simon, Ann and Keith.  After coffees and planning we set off for the North coast with the aim of avoiding the wind and taking in a nice journey.  Bull Bay to hells Mouth and back, was the plan.  It was a 10mt tide and when we got to Bull Bay, there was just enough room to place the kayaks on the beach!!

We headed off to refresh core skills, exploring as we went and soon came across our first cave.  The edge of the bay a small race is created on a spring tide and for the first couple of hours after HW, so we used this and did a few circuits ...

More caves, a porpoise or two, a couple of seals and a fresh but clear blue sky day.  It felt like Spring was trying to upload!

Sunday and with more of a journey wanted, winds still strong, a grey day and with complications at Menai Bridge, due to a marathon, the Conwy estuary was chosen.  Its only the third time Ive paddled it and on previous occasions, from the Beacon car park catching the flood tide up and the returning on the ebb.  Ann and Simon brought their cars to the end destination, the Beacon car park, as we were planing an A-B from Trefriw.  Exciting because I wasn't totally sure where in Trifew!  Thanks to Matty who was out walking and a local paddler he showed us the start point and warned us of a cable, across the small river.  Thanks to Douglas for helping out and Ann for the shuttle.

It was great seeing debris travelling up the estuary and then pausing and then beginning the journey back down the estuary.  The bridge on Conwy was exciting and highlighted why we practise, eddy turns, work in fast water and confused currents. We must have been travelling at 4 knots or so and with the anchored boats and buoy's they gave us an additional challenge!

We finished as a rainbow appeared and reflected briefly on another good weekend.


North Wales sea kayaking
Anglesey sea kayaking

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