Saturday, 4 April 2015

Fleet sea kayaks for sale - Spring into Summer sale 2015

Sea Kayak's for Sale ... its the Spring into Summer sale . .. 

North Shore, Atlantic - Composite Sea Kayak, with red deck, black trim and white hull Ideal for a medium to larger framed paddler - £1200

Skeg has a nylon cable which was renewed in last 6 months, and works smoothly.  No repairs or damage to the deck or hull. Has the usual scratches, of a 3 year old sea kayak. All hatches are dry.  In good condition considering its a fleet boat!

Save over £750 from the retail price!

P&H Sea Kayak, Cetus MV - Composite Sea Kayak, with white deck and hull, turquoise blue trim, which also has a keel strip fitted. Ideal for the medium to larger framed paddler, who's considering day trips as well as overnight camps.  Comfortable and supportive seat/ backrest - £1600

Excellent condition and again no repairs to the deck or hull.  has the usual scratches of a 3 year old sea kayak.  All hatches are dry.  Cable skeg replaced 6 months ago and works smoothly.  Has mainly been paddled by Roger, with occasional client use.  Also has a Silva compass fitted, in the bow recess, which is included in the price.

You save £800 from the retail price!

Sensible offers considered on either kayak and it may also be possible to arrange a try before you buy.  based Anglesey, North Wales.


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