Monday 27 April 2015

The Roof of Britain Coastal Spirit Rapid Development Expedition 2015

Day 1. 18th April, Skye Bridge to Rubha na h-Uamba, 10km

We were unsure whether to start at Helmsdale on the E coast or at the Skye Bridge. The good forecast though convinced us to start on the west. Dropped cars at either end of the canal section. Seals saw us off at the Skye Bridge and then paddled 10km in beautiful sunshine to camp at the bothy.

Day 2. 19 April, Ribha na h-Umba to Longa Island, 48km

Golden sand and golden sunshine with a F2-3 headwind. Heard and saw many Great Northern Divers.

Day 3. 20 April, Longa to Tanera Mor, 47km

Saw our first otter as we left camp and the first puffins of many shortly after. A day of tailwinds and surf behind making really good time. Short stop at Priest Island, beautiful spot with many Storm Petrels. 

Day 4. 21 April, Tanera Mor to Oldany Island, 48km

Bouncy, lively conditions for our first big headlands made this our best day yet! Nice bit of tide race surfing off the headland just before the Point of Stoer then through an awesome channel between the Old Man of Stoer and the mainland. Finished with some great ditch crawling and exploration at Oldany Island, our most picturesque campsite yet and very tropical. 

Day 5. 22 April. Oldany Island to near Kinberlochbervie, 35km

To Scourie to get weather info and plan Cape Wrath. The only window is Saturday and this means a 4.15am on the water start to get around. So onward through the Bad Call Islands to position us as far north as we can. A pod of dolphins here made our day!

Day 6. 23 April. Kinberlochbervie.

A day off for us all. (Except Roger, who woke up at 3.30am and then each 30 mins to see what time it will be light for us to leave tomorrow). Currently in a warm hotel in Kinberlochbie contemplating deserts. Life is good!!


  1. Hi Roger,

    Glad all is going well with the trip so far. Love the pics. Not long until I set of on my 'RoB'. We will be stting off on the 24th May I hope we get the conditions you appear to be getting although this week has been a bit windier, so hope all been well. Look forward to comparing stories in Orkney in August at the Symposium.
    All the best.

    Nick Blowfield

  2. Hi Nick, Yeah the first week was super magic and I really hope you get a lot of that weather ... the following 3 weeks were fairly challenging at times!!
    Magic and stunning coastline, all the very best for your journey and I also look forward to sharing stories ...
    All the best,