Wednesday, 17 June 2015

4 Star Leader Training Sea and More!

The 4 Star Leadership award with the British Canoe Union (BCU) is an award which allows a qualified paddler to lead and guide other competent paddlers (have the skills but not the experience to operate self sufficiently) in moderate conditions - .  Moderate sea conditions are define by the BCU as:

'A stretch of coastline with landings every 1 to 2 miles or 1 hour paddling, including difficult landings. Crossings of no more than 2 NM, up to 2 kns of current, Bf F4 winds and paddling in sea state 3/4 (1.5 mt) launching and landing in surf up to 1mt.'    

Julian, Noel, Mike and Alan were up for the 4 days - 2 days training, 1 day coastal navigation and tidal planning theory.  With Debs - 5 star leader trained, observing/assisting and able to offer a perspective form having been through the 4 star leader assessment process.  

The final day was focused loosely around each individuals action plan's as well as another chance to have ago at a couple of the techniques used or seen earlier on the course.  It also allows an opportunity to understand what areas are out of remit and why.

For some reason my photos have loaded back to front ... and Im not going to try and reload them!  

Day 4!

Just around form Penrhyn Mawr, on the last day and one of the super sections of rock formations.  A great opportunity for rock hoping, leadership and exploring ...

Alan above and Mike below in Penrhyn Mawr, beginning to feel the current on the flood and enjoying a blue sky!!

Alan agin below and one of the locals enjoying the sunshine too!

The first day after looking and discussing the syllabus and forecasts, was at Rhoscolyn and an introduction to flow, eddy turns ferry glides, rolling, self and assisted rescues, contact tows and rafted tows ...

Noel leading down with Mike above and Julian below ...

Day two was a journey from Cemais Bay, out to Middle Mouse island and on to Bull Bay.  Leadership sections with an incident or a scenario were offered to each individual and feedback both from the group and my self was available.  Plus an introduction to rocky landings as an individual and the use of the towline and managing a group.

It had been a super sunny week with largely gentle conditions, but a lot had been explored, discussed, experimented with and tried.  Food for thought and clear action plans saw each on there way.

Thanks, Roger

roger chandler

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