Sunday, 7 June 2015

Advanced sea kayaking weekend - Sunshine, waves and wind!

Advanced sea kayaking is aimed at those who hold the 4 star leader award, or are 5 star leader trained or have similar skills and abilities.  It's a great way to keep those skills toped up and also to prepare and focus on particular areas prior to a 5 star leader assessment.

Daren, Tavi (seen in this photo) and Leif and Pat, were up for the weekend and what a super forecast we had.  Saturdays forecast was  Bf 5-8, SW and with a 2.0 mt swell running.  We headed to Trearddur Bay after coffee and a discussion on individuals wants and needs.  

After Tavi led us off form the beach, we worked on down wind circuits with a buddy, contact tows (and experimenting with the person on the bow or stern), rolling and self rescues.

Just before lunch we finished with Darren leading a section with Leif, Tavi and Pat and a rescue to perform.  And then after 1400 and as the tide began to ebb we started to work the surf ...

With some great carved turns from Leif ( next 3 photos are on the same run) ...

Darren, just timing it right for a super run, with just enough power on take off ... sadly my camera couldn't keep up!!

And a good steep wave for Tavi and an ender, with a successful roll, seen below ...

Sunday had a lighter wind forecast and Penrhyn Mawr was a keen choose.  With swell and wind against tide it was likely to be chunky and exciting ... And it certainly was ...  Daren led a super session down into the race and then a mix of eddy turns, crossing channels, rolling and self rescues, as what each individual preferred.

Leif below performing a successful re entry and roll with buddy cover form Tavi ...

We then headed off to fine a bay for some lunch ...

The next Advanced course with spaces currently is 26/27th September and then 24/25th October (note this is also a 5 star leader training).  These advanced course also run throughout the Winter too.

5 star leader training on the 28/9- 1st October and 24th -28th October.
5 star leader assessment - 3/4th October
4 star leader training 10th - 14th October.

Contact for more information -

Thanks, Roger

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