Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Two BIG Adventures for 2016 and 2017, with Coastal Spirit

The Isle of Skye Circumnavigation and Islands 2016

This is your chance to experience a 23 day guided sea kayaking expedition, with the fabulous scenery of Scotland's West Coast, a real classic of the Inner Hebrides and Scotland's 3rd tourist destination. And its not surprising as Skye's sea scape and coastline is truly stunning with arches caves, majestic cliffs, head lands, islands and tide races. Paddle to Loch Coruisk and stand below the Cullins, or Neist Point and see Maclouds Maidens and many arches and caves, or paddle round Rubha Hunish, the most northerly point on Skye. To name just a few locations, while keeping your eyes open for Golden Eagles, Otters, Porpoises and Dolphins ... and may be even whales.   

In 2013 with two weeks a circumnavigation of the Isle of Skye was attempted.  Yet the team despite their efforts, were unsuccessful due to strong gale force winds.  In 2016 with 3 weeks available, we have more time to increase our chance of success and if the weather is settled and we complete the Isle of Skye earlier, we have more time to choose another island or section of coast.  Experience this unique and what promises to be a memorable and 'Big Adventure'.

Price £1590

Limited to only 4 people
Expedition pre training over one weekend - dates agreed with the team
Total number of days 25 with 23 days for the expedition
Expedition dates: 23rd April - 15th May

For more details on this expedition, have a look at the website and at the bottom of the page, here

The Roof of Britain Circumnavigation 2017

This expedition is 'One BIG Adventure', that takes in the rugged coastlines of the West and North of Scotland and the relative shelter of The Great Glen. And at over 400 nm this is a significant and realistic venture. This expedition covers some of the most spectacular and exposed stretches of the UK coastline, including Cape Wrath, the infamous Pentland Firth and the most westerly point of mainland UK, Ardnamurchan Point and many glorious beaches along the way.  In 2015 the team was successful in completing this adventure in 28 days, and its worth taking into account 10 days were storm bound leaving 18 days successful paddling!

Experience this unique and what promises to be an epic and memorable 'Bigger Adventure'.  


Price: £1990. Expedition development over four days or two weekend (incl in the cost) and dates aranged with the team.Expedition dates 15th April - 14th May 2017.   (the aim is to beat the arrival of the midges!!)Total number of days: 34 with 30 days for the Expedition. Limited to ONLY 4 people 

For more details and information have a look at the website here

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