Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Storms and Winter Sea Kayaking, a Reflection ...

Nine Storms have impacted the UK this Winter, with three of those in 2016 - Gertrude, Henry and Imogen.  Yet in between these storms theres been time and space for some super Winter Sea Kayaking this January 2016.

The course I want to draw attention to is the Advanced course and this one in particular was the 2nd, 5* Leader preparation course I had run over the Winter.  The course was aimed at those who had done the 5* Leader training and wanted to work in 5* assessment conditions.  This was in a work shop format on specific skills and tasks or areas each person felt supported their individual action plan.  

From the forecast we had the perfect weekend with Penrhyn Mawr working for some tide race action, some swell, wind picking up from the NW for the night navigation in Trearddur Bay and then a Skerries open water crossing on the Sunday with remnants of the wind.  It had been a long weekend with conformations, further learning and further action plans created ...

A Leadership model I have used over the years which I feel really works and may help to provide a useful structure is by John Adair and is called Action Centred Leadership (ACL) and works around three circles - Task, Team and Individual.  You may have a main Task for example of leading an Advanced journey involving a couple of tide races and then sub tasks.  A sub task could be getting the team of the beach, through the surf at the start of the day.  If we consider the Task: Whats the strategy to achieve the task most effectively? How are you going to work the team, team functions, giving purpose, buddy system, sub leader/No2?  and do any of the individuals need specific attention, encouragement, how can I use individuals so there work contributes over all to the team objective?  

Generally its difficult, if not imposable to manage all three areas at once, so time is given to one of the three areas and once thats been achieved, attention needs to be given to the other areas.  If for example only the Task is focused on, one can probably see the job gets down, at the expense of the Team and the Individual!

So why not explore and experiment using the model below and enhance your leadership abilities and skills, as well as surfing that tide race wave!

Action Centred Leadership - John Adair

Tavi getting a good hit and looking solid ...

Zoe working with Debs in Buddy Leadership
The main race, with Zoe up flow, Julie centre and just the head of Debs (on the right)

Leaving The Skerries on a flood tide

Thanks to Tavi Murray for originally contacting me about the weekends and the idea.  And Julie Jones, Debs Heldon and Zoe Robinson for making the weekend work.  As for me, my personal learning was when you get a new paddle, remember to put reflective tape on it, just like you have on the other one.  So if you ever loose a black paddle at night it may then just have a greater chance of seeing it!!


PS:  Thanks to Zoe for finding my paddle, some 30+ minutes later!

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