Thursday, 7 April 2016

Springing Forwards with Coastal Spirit

Its been a great start to 2016, with a number of Advanced sea kayaking courses, InterMediate, 3 star
training/assessment courses and InterMediate Plus.  A few Bespoke private courses, during the week and with a near full callender up until late May.

With Summer just around the corner its a good time to start focusing on what you want from 2016 and those early wishes you may have made in January, to actually action!

Here is a list below of what is available currently.

  • Introduction to sea kayaking private and unique.  Available during the week, with details available here
  • IntroMediate aimed at those who want to progress their sea kayaking skills with a gentle introduction to swell, current, wind and waves - 11/12th June, 9/10th July at £160.  Have a look here
  • InterMediate working towards 3 * performance skills - 28/29th May, 2/3rd July, 30/31st July at £160 p/p and during the week 19-22nd July at £270.  Have a look here
  • InterMediate Plus, is aimed at 4 star leader and performance skills, while working in moderate conditions - 18/19th June, 6/7th August at £160.  Have a look here.
  • Advanced sea kayaking is aimed at 5 star Leader and performance skills and at a ratio of 1:4 - 25/26th June, 23/24th July and 20/21st August at £160.  Have a look here
  • Coaching the Mind - for leaders, coaches and paddlers who want to increase their understanding, confidence and performance.  Sports Psychology in action, with the first day of theory and work shops, which also can be used as a coaching up date and the 2nd day on the water putting theory into practice.  Ratio of 1:4 and delivered by Lee Pooley and Roger Chandler.  At £180 - have a look here for more information 
  • 4 star leader training with coastal navigation and tidal planning - 25-28th July at £270.  Have a look here
  • Orkney sea kayaking for top end Intermediate paddlers 8-16th August at £655.  Have a look here
  • 5 star leader training with open water navigation and tidal planning 17-21st September at £330 and only one place left.  Have a look here

Bespoke opportunities are available form early June.  A day is set at your pace, based on what you want and need.  A great way to progress further and gain more form your time on the water.  More information can be found here

For further information on the above either follow the links or email me direct at

I hope to see you on the water


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