Sunday, 8 May 2011

Sea kayaking courses, bespoke - North Wales, Anglesey.

This weekends sea kayaking course was a Bespoke, organised by Gary and for some guys from a kayak club he belongs to. With a mix of previous inland kayaking experience my aim was to provide an xplore, our 3rd level course with a a gentle intro to the fundamentals of sea kayaks and their differences and then to put it all into an exciting context, wit some rough water and a journey out to a small island

Below we see the group paddling through Point Lynas tide race on the last hour of flood.

Jason below taking a 2nd run through the race.

Gary taking some air!
Olly passing Point Lynas light house.

The wind disappeared, some super light and something was really happening inland!

Mike in the foreground and Tom, as we approach Ynis Dulas island.

Dave leading through the race on our return journey.

Owain crossing out into the race.

The day was finished with some balance tasks and a couple of the guys doing some rolls, in the sunshine!

Forecast F5 gusting F6 increasing to F7... the Straits was a super option, working on ferry glides and eddy turns.

Owain with Britania Bridge in the background.

Jason leading back, paddling through early stages of wind against tide.

With smiling faces the day finished, back at our start with the current increasing against the wind, enjoying the last of our lunch and reflecting on the weekends adventures. Big thanks to Garry for organising the weekend.

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