Saturday, 24 September 2011

Improve + sea kayaking Anglesey, North wales

What a super sunny day ... well my trailer is out of action due a wheel bearing exploding at the end of last week, so it was kayaks on roofs! Gary and his team met me at the boat yard and soon kayaks were on roofs and we were driving off in the rain with hope and promises of sunshine ... by the time we got to Bull Bay, North coast, Anglesey the sun was out : -)

The group mainly comprised of white water paddlers with some keen and enthusiastic open boaters, as a private course this was aimed at Improve +, winds were f4
and due to drop off ...

Lots of close quartering using bow rudders and cross deck bow rudders, on the way out with lunch at the brick works and then on to hells mouth and then out to middle mouse to feel more of the current ... and then back on the conveyor belt to Bull Bay and some liquid refreshment, while soaking up the sunshine!

Sunday looks rather ?? so pleased to have made the most of it today. Rumour has it, that we have an indian summer on the way ... happy days!
north wales sea kayaking

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