Wednesday, 21 September 2011

sea kayak wales - 5 star leader sea

After some contemplation ive decided to work towards becoming a 5 star leader sea trainer and assessor. This means I need to observe assist and be signed off as doing this and then put in to be assessed doing this before im set free to run my own. Its a long process, as most courses you need a minimum of 3 candidates, for it to be viable and with the 4 star leader award, fewer candidates decide to progress further.

Well some photos which tell their own story of a super weekend, which was mainly windy ...but with some super conditions on the night nav ... the wind dropped off and a long drive to Dale, for some good shelter and the journey leadership day. The wind was there but much lighter at F4/5 and some good swell left over from the previous days strong winds.

Day 1

After a break various scenarios were given, some individual others as a group.

Day 2

The bitches above running on the last couple of the hours...

A super run down wind, around the headland and into the bay

A break before approaching Whitesands and some bigger more powerful surf!

I would like to express my thanks to both Nige Robinson of sea kayak guides for the opportunity and the hospitality and Howard Jeffs who headed up the course. look out in 2012 for 5 star sea leader training and assessment courses and open water navigation courses we will be running jointly with Olly Sanders from Rock & Sea Adventures.

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