Friday, 16 September 2011

Improve sea kayaking - sea kayaking course north wales

With a mixed week of weather forecast, for our intro-mediate sea kayak course, conditions were due to be exciting. For some it was refreshing skills, for others it was an introduction, enjoy.

The first day was really rough out at sea, so we went inland to a large lake, with more shelter.
Kath working on stern rudders, in the shelter of one of the bays, mainly used to control the sea kayak in a following sea.

Keith on Llyn Padarn, with the mountains and the clouds .... a super moody day as we avoid the main anger of the wind! f7 gusting f8/9 on the West coast ; (

A seal taking a snooooze .... on the straits, day 2.

Guy bringing his kayak around ...

Keith on the menai straits with some wind against tide ...

The team at Treadour bay ... day 3

Some work in the swell and moving into the bigger stuff ... Keith and Kath

Guy about to make a turn ...

Birgit and Henning, from Germany, enjoying the sunshine.

Passing middle mouse with blue skies and seas ... day 4

Hells mouth and some super light ...

Keith enjoying the North coast and close quartering ...

Guy taking some lunch, putting some fuel in ...

The girls showing how its done ...

North coast and a bigger, super cave ...

The team upfront, moving out into the gentle back eddy, flowing out of bull bay.

Paddling back into Bullbay, after a super day on the North coast, with Douglas pushing on.

Looking at east mouse, with super light, colour ... and the wind picking up : (

Day 5 - During the evening both Keith and Douglas created 2 plans to paddle, and due to increasing winds, a modification was made to their 1st plan, which included a tide race. This brings the course into xplore, our intermediate level, so an out and back from Point Lynas, was the plan, working on the last 2 hours of the flood.

Douglas under power

Keith with the light house in the back ground ...

and then the rain arrived .... and it really poured down ... as we came back around, at slack water. a couple of pods of porpoises and a super display from a dozen gannets feeding and diving into the sea, although to far away for my camera.

At the end some messing about in boats and Douglas pulls off a full roll with a paddle float on his hand, & it looked so ease. Some good support and coaching from Sonja.

Well like every course and over 150 photos to consider, ive aimed to select those that, highlight and focus on elements of the weeks sea kayaking and adventure. Be safe and have fun out there.

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