Sunday, 25 September 2011

sea kayaking in current- The Swellies, Menai Straits, North Wales

With the winds due to increase to a gusting f7/8 and the Straits working near perfect for us, we got on at Menai Bridge just a walk across the road from were we met, couldn't be easier. Unfortunately Tom was unable to join us, due a sustained back problem, we wish you well

As a couple of the guys were swooping kayaks we did some initial ferry glide/eddy turn work and then headed down towards the bridge and some wind against tide. The Swellies is a super spot, with a changing environment and no swell, so working out current is much easier, and clearer to see.

Dave leading us into the first eddy with a gentle wind against us

Steve showing how to do a good low brace turn with a super look into the turn.

The four wise monkeys ... jason, gary, phil and dave ...

As the gusts picked up we headed back up, moving close in to avoid the main flow ... and i jumped in to give the group a scenario to practise, and was picked up quickly by Dave and a tow clipped on by Gary.

Back at menai slipway a few more deep water (or not so deep as the case may be!) rescues were practised, with a cowboy self rescue and re entry and roll with some super attempts and a couple of good results!

Big thanks again to Gary for organising the weekend, nice 1.

sea kayaking north wales, anglesey
L5 coach sea - roger chandler

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