Sunday, 4 March 2012

Rapid Development Xpedition (RDX) - overnight wild camp

After some planning on Sat morning and re checking the forecast, all was looking up after the strong winds to begin with and a dry bright evening .... So Menai Bridge to Abermeani Point (the SW end of the Straits) was our camp. Tide wasn't really working for us, so our tidal gate was the swellies and getting through before the flood, became to strong!

A few strong gusts blasted us during the day at f5, and a really nasty squall, with stronger winds and rain, pushed on through and thankfully disappeared again! we worked the breaks on the hour, attempting to get snacks in to keep fuel up and engines working ...

Abermenai Point tents up, fresh but some super bright sunny skies and a first camp from a sea kayak for some ... couldn't really ask for more!!

Fire starter Sonja soon had some warmth generated and a great fire, as the stars began to show them selves

The team taking on some heat ...

A few smooth stones were positioned and then carefully removed to warm sleeping bags!!

With rain overnight and another heavy squall, it was still a surprise to see the snow on the hills in the morning, but what a setting ...

and not a bad bedroom view ...

we were soon off, with a couple of hours of the ebb tide against us, we crossed the Strait to the mainland and worked our way along the shore, in super silky conditions

The light was great, but something was brewing ....

A couple more breaks, some contemplation, paddling into short section of wind and then we were back at Meani Bridge. Boats were soon unpacked, on trailers and roofs and we were driving off for mugs of tea!

Both Shamim and Zoe are on our RDX, and this was our last training weekend. April will see 16 days hopefully up in Scotland, with the initial plan to paddle round Mull and on around Ardnamurchan Point.

Di Lee will be keeping you up dated with the blog and you will here more from her soon!

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