Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Windy Straits - Paddling Challenge

A few weeks back I was contacted by one of the group about some specific coaching sessions, to fast track them towards their chosen paddling challenge ... to sea kayak from Britain to Finland. Keen and excited by their plan I was happy to see were I could help. So after meeting and chatting over a coffee, with the forecast of F6/7 SW the Straits was the best option. The aim of the day as I saw it was to refresh skills and introduce new ones, plus get them navigating and locating points, while sticking together, working as a team and in some rough conditions!

Checking out the venue ... Mark, Erin and Alice

We started gentle, working on core skills and then navigating and looking for good features ...

A crossing from the Gazelle to Bangor pier, produced an exciting channel with wind against tide, which they each managed really well and kept good positioning.

Mark and Bangor pier ...

Having had some lunch it was time to work our way back and visit the Swellies!!

They worked really hard with the nav and showed good involvement ...

And it really did rain, and look like this!!

Their blog can be seen here

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