Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Surf, Islands and the Llyn - North Wales sea kayaking

For the final day, Kath, Simon and Douglas were left and a journey down to the Llyn, seemed a good idea. However there was a 1mt swell forecast for Aberdaron, so I wasn't totally sure what to expect further to the East at LLanbedrog, but hoped for a gentle start ... we were not disappointed!

Douglas leading us out of the bay on silky seas!

Kath and Simon, taking in the view as we use transit markers to assist our journey our and across to the islands ...

We saw 6-8 of these Barrel Jellyfish, which were quite beautiful, although when I was looking for further information I came up with an interesting project which is attempting to track these Jellyfish. I quote ... Jellyfish may be taking over the oceans due to commercial fishing ... For more information visit here

After reaching the East Tudwal, we paddle down to the far end and picked up the tide flowing off the end ...and some gentle swell

Popped into a small cave, and here were looking across to West Tudwal with the main land in the background ...

Taking a break in the heat and pondering the next move as we can now see the surf thundering into the right hand side of the beach and a dozen or so surfers making the most of it ..

We head to the left hand side looking for some smaller waves and between 2/3 bigger sets, there was 4-6 smaller sets ... for some reason I couldn't up load the SLR surf shots ...will try latter

The modern girl at lunch!

We then headed back to our start point, the team leading and considering best lines, as the current was still on the ebb and flowing gently against us. Back in the bay, with 20k behind, ice creams and a brew, before loading the trailer and heading back to Menai Bridge.

Super 4 days, amazing weather and great to see people again and their progress.
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