Sunday, 10 June 2012

Bespoke sea kayaking

After a wet, windy and wintery Saturday on the Straits, the thought of some sunshine, and gentle winds was appealing.  A journey out to Puffin Island was the plan.  No photos from Sat due to losing my compact water proof camera, the rest I took on my SLR.  It was great to See both Steve and Craig who had come with Jon 3 or so years ago and great to see that the boys had remembered a fair amount.

Not sure what this orange "stuff" is? looked like a soft coral .... we headed out carefully ... 

Towards the small boat shaped island ... which was at a super low level and sponges, while and orange ones could be seen inside the hull of the boat.  The sea was super silky and lovely start to the day.

Steve, Craig and Jon above watching the birds and seals ... while a seal watched us and then Craig ferry gliding back to the red channel beacon, with the Great Orme in the background.  We landed on the beach had some lunch and then headed back to the beacon for further ferry glides, eddy turns and maintain position, in the flow.

Jon making an eddy turn, looking back to puffin island ...

The seals were really enjoying the warmth of the day, and casually watched us from time to time and then carried on with their snoozing.

We headed back to our start and soon were loading kayaks and off to Beaumaris for ice creams!

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