Thursday, 28 June 2012

Puffins & Squally Showers

Keith was back up for two days private sea kayaking and is a regular visitor to North Wales, Anglesey. This time however he was getting over a chest infection, and the weather was due to be fairly mixed, with winds forecast SW F4-6 and then not much better for the following day!

After a coffee and a discussion, we considered that the NE side of Penmon Point could be a good option, and may work from going from the top of the Menai Straits.  We paused at the parking area at the top of the Menai Straits, and watched a front push through, and decided that it would be a great journey down, but could be a hard paddle back into wind latter.  We drove on to Penmon Point and were soon ready to get on the water.  

The Puffins were out and we saw another 7, bobbing on the water as we paddled round ...I just love them!

We headed along the coast and to be honest its a section that I paddle on few occasions, so I was really keen to explore ....

The cliffs had many cormorants, fulmars, shags and then occasional razor bills and guillemots ...

We stopped on one rocky sloping shelf and at the back was this super limestone feature ...

And enjoyed a down wind ride back towards the sound and Puffin Island.

Conditions had settled down some, and even had some blue sky, so we crossed to the island on the last hour of the flood.  The seals were about, but due to the wind accelerating off the end of the island, we paused for a moment and then paddled on.  With young birds born and others on the way it was a noisy place and the black back gulls were on the prowl for flesh.  Two cormorants, which looked like juveniles from last year were clearly dead and being savaged.

We crossed back to Anglesey, leaving the small beach on the island alone, due to the number of birds on the beach and saw a number of porpoises.  What a great way to end a day.

The following morning I was keen to see if we could chance a North coast trip, the winds were forecast to be variable again, but were lighter than forecast.  We pulled up at Bull Bay and headed out along the coast, we were close to low water, hence a clear view of the tidal range, above as Keith paddles into a cave.

Yep, it rained and you can just see the brick works across the bay, were we stopped for some lunch.  Round the corner is the bay of Hells Mouth, and there was a couple of eddy streams, which were useful for Keith to see and feel.  A peregrine falcon passed us by and then moment later, was going the other way and being chased by a herring gull ... fair play!

As the wind was now funnelling and splitting out of the bay, we turned and began our paddle back, chatting as we went.  Despite the weather we had enjoyed our selves!

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