Monday, 18 June 2012

Dolphins ;) Bespoke sea kayaking

This was what its about, blue skies, sunshine, wildlife, some swell and a light breeze ... Garys group had a better nights sleep, following the stormy weather on Friday night and with the warm start to the day were up for it.  Puffin Island was our destination, which would put a lot of the skills we had gone over the day before into context. This was a bespoke weekends sea kayaking course, which was aimed at intro-mediate level our Improve sea kayaking course.

Heading out of the top of the Straits, with Puffin Island hidden ... the Great Orme, is on the far right.  There was some swell running through the sound so we crossed high, to reach the Southern side and to use the flow to travel along the island, watching the many birds getting on with their day ...

The seals were about and we kept some distance as they lounged in the sunshine ...and then as I looked out from the point, 150-200mt away a fin rose sharply up, a porpoise and then another and then a dive out of the water, "Dolphins, over their" I shouted.  They were soon joined by 4 gannets and looked as if they many have been hunting a large motor boat came past and two of the dolphins joined the craft with ridding the bow wave ...fantastic, their were smiles every where! but way to fast to even get my camera out!

At the end of the Island with Jason Carl and Emma ...

And a curious seal ...

We took a break on the beach keeping low and away from the various sea birds, watching the current ebbing past.

Gary leading out with Jason and Phil.  Gary has done his 4 star leader training so I set him a number of tasks to manage, which meant getting involved with the rougher water!!  

Carl then set out with Emma and Julie in pursuit as we did a down current run.  We worked in two smaller groups and then partly joined at the central channel buoy.  The sound got very busy for a moment, with some crazy fool coming way to fast through the sound ...  we then re grouped and began the paddle back to the start ..

Assisted rescues were mentioned, so as a gentle introduction various balances and tasks were presented... which would likely mean an eventful capsize!  Emma having completed the first stage and now, close to completing the 2nd, and she's smiling!! 

Gary finished off the day, with a balance round the cockpit of the sea kayak and provided a swimmer for Phil to rescue.  Ice creams in Beaumaris wrapped up a super day and a varied weekend of weather.  BIG thanks to Gary for organising the weekend.

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