Friday, 15 June 2012

Wind, waves and sunny lunch times!

It was good to see Katie and Ben again and after a brief coffee and some planning we were off for the North coast and Point Lynas, for some rough water.  We sent 30 minutes or so refreshing strokes such as inside turns, stern rudders, body position and acceleration and then it was time to put it into context!

It was wind over tide, so we worked on the inside of the point, which provided enough excitement ...

As they moved out into the race and the swell, the aim was also to be aware of each other, as they turned and each other positioning ...

And then ensure the rear person followed the front person, but the front also new were the rear person was!!  we did a few circuits and then on another down wind turned 180 degrees and back up into wind to make another turn ....

We were approaching slack water, so time for lunch and to soak up some sunshine! .... we chatted over lunch and decided a longer run down wind and then back into wind with some assisted rescues, moving towards rougher water was a good idea.  I also introduced the use of a tow line to assist the rescue in stabilising the situation, anchoring so that the boats don't drift out into the rough water, on to rocks or into a surf zone.

Well for the moment I've lost my waterproof compact camera, hence limited shots and more sunshine ... and that's the reason why we have none for today (Friday) as it was windy and wet ... although much better than forecast.  So no camera out of its dry bag today.  We paddled in the Menai Straits, did about 1 hour on bow rudders, cross deck bow rudders and draw strokes on the move and really fine tuning then, before moving off and into the Swellies (the area between Menai and Britannia Bridge).  Looked at speed and angle in approaching and leaving eddies.  On the more subtle eddies we worked with edge and keeping the power on to complete the turn.

We paddle out of the Swellies and towards Plas Newydd (the huge house and I would like to camp on lawn!), working on the elements that make up effective paddling, and well done here Ben ... and then Ben capsized, Katie was at the front, and realised something had happened (Ben and my self had pre planned this ...) and Kate did super good.    Great spotting and awareness of were Ben was, and getting to the bow effectively in what was a reasonable F4 wind, kept hold the kayak and got Ben back in!  Ben an Oscar, good style!

We then did some in line towing, using draw strokes, while the casualty slowly paddled forward and really working on anticipating what was likely to happen, while going for the clip.  Some more eddy turns on the way back as the tide had turned and then we were back were we had begun, although much wetter!

We covered a lot of stuff, so well done to the both Katie and Ben, have a good weekend!

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