Monday, 23 July 2012

5 star leader training sea - becoming a provider

It was the first 5 star leader training course that i had observed and assisted on in North Wales, as I work towards becoming a trainer and assessor of this highly respected internationally recognised advanced award.  Nick Cunliffe of was running the course and we certainly had conditions.  the first day was classroom based and was the theory of complex tidal planning and open water crossings.  The 2nd day was out at North Stack, wind F3-5 and a good swell running

With lots of low laying mist and fog, further adding to the challenge and atmosphere ...

there was a lot of nav work during the day ....

and a night navigation and due to strengthening winds Holyhead harbour was used.

We had lots of this and more sunshine on the 3rd day, were South Stack was used ...

With some exciting rock hoping ...

And a lot of rescues and problem solving over the day.  Big thanks to Nick, for the opportunity. I need now to write my notes up and look forward to another course in the near future.

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