Monday, 30 July 2012

Moving up ... discover to Improve

Day 2 and with Tom, Jeremy and Bryony staying on for the 2nd day and picking up the strokes and skills really well the previous day it was time to move it all on.  Emphasis now was inside turns, moving into a low brace as well as keeping power on while edging into the turn.  The Meani Straits was working well with us being able to pass into the Swellies towards low water slack and then gain the first of the flood to return us to the start.  

We went over the skills in some calmer water

and then got into some gentle flow ... we took a break and had a chat about eddies and eddy streams

We paddled into a gentle breeze and then turned and allowed it to assist us back towards the Swellies and took another break

Tom working on speed and carrying this on, into the eddy without using a brace (gentle eddy line, despite fast flow).

All three did exceptionally well as there was a lot to process and more smiles appeared as it became evident how to use the edge of the kayak and commit to the lean.
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