Sunday, 15 July 2012

A grey day on the out side ....

what a super day despite the weather it was great to see and hear what Elaine had been up to and what a truly inspirational woman who makes the most of her time ... Elaine was back up for a private bespoke 1:2:1 day before the weekends sea kayaking course.

After a coffee and some tidal planning and refection on recent paddles, we set off for Newbrough beach, mainly as elaine wanted to work on forward paddling (theres good open sections of water) and understand better edge/lean and whats best (?) in different conditions ... and if we saw birds seals etc along the way, well they would be a bonus!

Well an egret, many oyster catchers, razor bill, 40 or so manx shearwaters, a couple of gannets  and two seals added more to the day ... but don't forget the Coughs!

Despite the drizzle, the day was atmospheric and we made the most of conditions. Notable was the low brace action in swell, that Elaine really grasped.

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  1. On my first visit to Anglesey I saw that Buoy in the top photo & thought, crikey, they got some tide here (LOL). ;D