Monday, 23 July 2012

Surf babes .. moving out into the rougher stuff

Following a few days back in May this year,  and while working with Tracy, Zoe and Julie it soon became clear that some dedicated work on surfing a sea kayak was needed.  A date was found when the four of us could come together and consider what elements each person felt they needed.  I began the day over a coffee, looking at some video clips and photos of successful runs and not so ... highlighting what was work or not and allowing time for each one of them to consider what was likely to happen next!

With a gentle wind forecast of F2/3, and only 0.7 of metre surf predicted, I wasn't so hopeful ... on arrival on the west coast, there was just a ripple ...ever wondered why when you want conditions there not always there and when you don't they are!!

So we headed for Point lynas, to work the tide race, which was due to begin ebbing.  Zoe above, checking on position.

Zoe out in it ...

We also did a couple of runs down and through the main race, which was fairly lively further down and more confused ....

We headed off up the race, to paddle into the next bay for some well earn t lunch and then the rain came.  It was fairly heavy and unexpected ... well not forecast any way!

Another run though the race with Tracy leading ...

And Julie above leading in with a big grin ...

It was a super day with great company and lovely to see them all upping their game. We headed back to the small bay, changed and then enjoyed Tracy's home made elderflower champagne, which she had brought along as it was her birthday.  It tasted great as we reflected back on the day.

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