Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Designed for you ... bespoke sea kayaking

It was great to see Sue and Neil back and this time for some Bespoke sea kayaking, 4 days based around what they wanted, to fast track them on their journey.

After coffees, planning and chats the main aim was for them to have more ownership, so they could gain more skills and confidence to do their own trips.  Each morning a detailed planning for the day with looking at a couple of different wind/swell forecasts  was the essential element, with consideration to crux points and options along the way.  

Bull Bay to the Brick works with a F4/5 SW forecast, was the perfect choice with a good tide running, looking at eddy streams, indicated by texture and colour and in many cases just looks different to what were on at the time.

Neil enjoying the view, above.

Day 2 and a more settled F2/3 saw us heading of to the South Lleyn and the Tudwal Islands, which has become one of my favourite paddles.  Neil above in the ebb stream running off the side of the island as we paddle up and surf the small waves, to the top of the island.

One of the locals, just happy enjoying the sunshine and a lazy day ...

Sue and some super sunny light ...

The main sound had a good swell running which at times was 2 mts and just magic ... the swell was opposing the current and we were at the end of the first 90, so it was likely to get bigger!!

We paddled into Porth Ceiriad, had a good lunch break and then paddled back out to work on some surfing skills.  I was also keen to allow more of the ebb to push on out, so reducing the swell in the main sound, as we were going to paddle back ...

Looking back and quite a different place, to earlier ....

Point Lynas to Ynis Dulas, is one of my top paddles .. I love the race on the flood, the remote feeling, the island and the seals and the many porpoises that can be seen here.  Its another area that has lots of eddy streams ...

The wind was due to pick up to a gusting F5 and it had already began to funnel out of Dulas Bay, we paddled round the island and headed back to the shore for some lunch, before heading on to Point to play in the race.

Rhoscolyn and the last three hours of flood, some wind against tide and swell, provide just what we wanted, and as it became more comfortable, we could get closer to the outer race ... Neil above on the inner channel, close to the main land.

Sue on the inner channel, closer to the islands and running down through the flow ...main work was emphasising ... speed and angle to help achieve the required result.

With 1 hour before slack a run down and through the outer race, with Neil leading ...that's the top of his paddle on the right!

And then both working together, leading me back across to a suitable landing place for lunch ... there was loads of these butterflies about also enjoying the sunshine ...

We finished the day with a good paddle towards the headland, into my favourite cave, before returning to the beach for self rescues and some messing about in boats ... what a great few days ...


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