Thursday, 13 September 2012

Discover sea kayaking

Well for our sea Kayaking Taster day, you couldn't have asked for better weather.  Bags of sunshine and gentle breeze and good company ... we headed off to the East coast of the Island and worked on core skills ... Pam and Mike were on the one day Taster as a birthday gift for Pam, from one of their daughters, Tom and Hannah and Steve. 

Birthday girl Pam and Mike, in his don't lose me hat!!

Tom and Hannah ...worth mentioning Hannah is getting over a nasty compound fracture to her ankle and stored her walking crutches in the rear of the kayak...  fantastic!!

Steve pleased with the moment ...

Pam finding enough time to also smile!!

Being happy in your kayak and realising that its a fairly stable craft, is essential to effective learning and progression, so we finished the day with some fun and balance ... oh and then ice creams!!

Day 2 wasn't quite the same and with an increasing windy day forecast we took shelter in the Menai Straits, to consider eddy turns and crossing flow.

We finished off with stern rudders allowing the wind to push us back to the start ....


roger chandler

discover sea kayaking
sea kayak taster day

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