Monday, 24 September 2012

IntroMediate sea kayaking - Improve

5 days IntroMediate sea kayaking had Mark, Martin, Katherine and joining for two days at the start, Graham and then John for two days at the end. The course aims to introduce swell, current, surf and wind and techniques and skills to work effectively in theses environments ...

The only problem was on Sunday night before the courses I had a high temperature with shivers and coughing morning it was a call to Barry Shaw, to see if he could work the day (how naive I was, to think id be better after a day!!).  Barry kindly stepped up with 2 hours notice and took the following photos .... over the 5 days

It had been a windy week, but with a few sunny spells and a good mix of conditions to allow individuals to progress one of the group expressed below:

I really enjoyed myself ... Barry who was instructing the group was great, his explanations and demonstrations were clear. I have improved my understanding of how various strokes can tie together. I had been by the suspension bridge before, breaking in and out but no real control  of what I was doing. I was apprehensive of going back there but Barry gave me the confidence to break in and out here. Unfortunately  I wasn't able to continue with the rest of the week, but I will be looking forward to attend another course in the near future..... 

Thank you and especially Barry for making the course highly enjoyable, I really enjoyed my self and it has given me the confidence to improve the skills I already have and  those I learnt on the course.

BIG thanks to Barry for working the week and 10 days later I'm closer to getting my full lung capacity back!!

roger chandler

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