Thursday, 13 September 2012

Just as you like it ...bespoke sea kayaking

It was great to see Tracy and Andy again and following a coffee and some planning, working in wind and some surf would hit the mark.  Tracy was also had a Tiderace sea kayak on demo so was keen to take it through its paces. 

With a F4-6 and gusting F7 latter Treaddour Bay made so much sense!! 

It was s super day, working the surf and getting clean landings, choose which way and controlling the kayak to go that way through body positioning and wait transfer.

We did a few runs across the bay and worked with increasing cadence, with a shorter stroke, skeg and keeping head up and vision wide.  We finished off with a couple of runs from the swell being forced through a narrow channel .... Andy above, getting a feel for his new Tiderace!!

We wrapped up the day with me loading a load of photos on to my lap top, and looking back through the day.  Highlighting areas to improve and what was going well, so as to continue ...


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Bespoke sea kayaking
North wales sea kayak

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