Thursday, 27 December 2012

Boxing day and some wind against tide!

When Barry Shaw suggested a paddle on Boxing day I jumped at it, despite a forecast of grey, rain latter and  increasing winds!  F5/6 increasing to F7 SW latter .. and as i hadn't paddled much for my self the North coast made sense were we would get conditions and some shelter as well.

We decide to go from Porth Eilian, to Cemais bay and then back and had a look at Point Lynas but there was very little going on ...

The light was great to begin with and then it slowly clouded over ... winds were more F3/4

Middle mouse and the main channel had occasional pulsing big waves, so it was difficult to judge and they were running a different angles ...

A few had explosive tops and both of us took some dumping head shots!!

The outer race was more defined with the front wave being fairly steep ...

I decided to take more shots!  ....  we then headed on towards Cemais Bay, with winds increasing, for nut roast and a mulled wine lunch break .... fantastic.

We crept back along the coast line, having a strong head wind hit us as we paddled into Hells Mouth and the rain arrived.  I was fairly relieved that the winds then dropped off and settled at F4.  We saw a couple of porpoises and a peregrine, as we paddled back and soon reached our start point and the shelter of the bay.  We were soon off and on our way back to Menai Bridge to find some hot chocolates.

Great day out and as i prepare to put down some mileage in preparation for the Skye expedition, I look forward to more of these, thanks Barry.

roger chandler

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