Sunday, 30 December 2012

Windy winter surfing

Another chance to get out for some personal paddling and following a storm with winds up to F10, the 6-9ft surf forecast, created a mix of feelings ranging from apprehension to excitement!

Due to our keen early start we were at Trearddur by 9am, so drove on to Porth Dafach, which some times defines the swell and surf better ... mmmmmmm, not today!

The problem we soon discovered back at Trearddur Bay was the limited amount of beach, about 4 metre square, a confused and reflected sea, due to surf bouncing back from the break water.  We got on and paddled further out in the swell, attempting to catch some of the swell and for me lower my arousal level!! 

It was a 9 metre tide and i guess due to the storm and the low pressure the bay was bank full and after a close run with a break water, we both landed and went for a brew.  Jim had arrived and it was good to see him, so we snacked and chatted, while wishing the sea to move back!

By 1200 (?) there was enough space and we ventured back out, with Barry and myself taking turns with the camera.  This allowed me to get my breath back.  Ive aimed to keep text between photos short, so you can enjoy the shots.  The next few are of Barry and are on the same wave ...

Three surfers joined us a rare occurrence in the bay ... Jim below in the Delphin 

 Barry about to take a plunge ...

I was paddling the Tiderace Xtra and felt overall confident in the kayak and it certainly made me want to do more and experiment with body, pressure transfer, lean and blade ... and with only one back surf (unintentional!!) and a roll I was very pleased with how the day turned out.

It was a cool blustery day, but I have to say I had two reed hats on - the skull cap and a balaclava and I was fairly toasty.  Mulled wine at lunch I'm also sure helped, nice one Baz ...  It was a great end of year paddle, really pushing those skills, both physical and mental and I'm looking forward to being back out their again sooooooon ...

Have a super and healthy New Year  ....


roger chandler

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