Sunday, 9 December 2012

Cold fronts and blue sky sea kayaking ...

What a start to a winters weekend sea kayaking.  After planing and coffees, a gentle option was discussed and with the winds picking up latter, from the NW the East coast was chosen and out of Moelfre.

We crossed to Ynis Dulas and got the benefit of low water and had a good beach to have a short break on.  The seals were further to the right and higher up, so we kept out of there way. Andy, Keith, Tracy, Ann and Richard made up the team ... from left to right.

A few seals came across and were curious ...

And as we paddled away 5/6 seals followed, popping up between us, laying on their backs, swimming under the boats and looking like they were enjoying our company, like we theirs ...

The sky had been clouding over as we paddled up towards Point Lynas, and stopped for a longer break, in a sheltered cove ...

When we got back on showers and cooler temperatures descended upon us ..... as we headed back across the bay ... the blue sky morning seemed far away

Sunday morning and a forecast of f5/6 W/NW and a down wind run in the Straits was the plan ... well the winds never really arrived, f3 at best but it was a pleasant paddle ...

Once in the Swellies we did eddy turns, ferry glides and then a couple of different tasks in pairs, were angles were chosen, changed as approaching eddy lines and collecting a tow while in flow ...  and a good sheltered lunch spot.

Then really without us noticing this blue sky appeared again, amazing as we work a smaller channel, with faster eddy turns, trusting the body to respond, before heading to Menai Bridge.

Richard and Tracy paddling into blue skies ... and Ann below

Well the weather was certainly varied, surprising and stunning at times ...


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