Sunday, 7 April 2013

Isle of Skye and some final preparation .....

After a good meal in the bar last night and a couple of pints of Tradewind (delicious) Gary and myself settled down to a good nights sleep.

I little grey and cloudy start to the day with some drizzle but light winds .. ;)

Zoe arrived at 10, after enjoying a friends wedding the night before so the team is now complete. Just popped into Fort Will for some currant buns, additional lighters and some lunch/coffee.

This afternoon is about Zoe and Gary confirming the plan based on the next 4/5 days weather and the best start point. Some big 2 mt swell forecast for Monday .. With a huge low pressure sitting out in the Atlantic, we are likely to set out from Arndale and aim for Sandaig Island for Monday night, which would put us in a super position for Kyle Rhea on Tuesday.

Thursday's weather looks grim but then 4 days ago so did Tuesday. So anything could really happen ...

Heading for Maliag and the ferry across to Skye first thing on Monday morning, so hopefully we could be on the water by 1200.

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