Thursday, 4 April 2013

Prep for Around Skye

With the kayaks now on the van and my bags almost packed, Friday is for ensuring my admin is as tight as it can be, read a page or two of my book, grab a coffee and await for Gary's arrival. Food then bed and leave in Sat morning for the drive North, which will be about 7 hours. Where booked into a cabin for the night, so food and a couple of beers before bed and sleep.

Sunday Zoe arrives, last stop for any bread type stuff and looking more closely at weather and potential start points. Weather is due to become warmer, but wet ... oh hum ... But I'm sure it will soon sort it self out and we will have some of that super warm sunshine as we did back in April 2011. Do you remember that month and fantastic settled weather ....

While I'm away Sonja will be up dating the Blog, keeping us informed with weather up dates and managing Coastal Spirit booking's. if mobile reception is poor or batteries are low we my manage a tweet, which now can be found on the right of the Blog.


roger chandler

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