Sunday, 21 April 2013

Coastal Spirit Rapid Development Sea Kayaking Skye April 19th 2013

Surfing at Glen Brittle the previous day..

The following day at Elgol..what a contrast! 
Up at 6, packed and away by 7am, leaving the comforts and the warmth of the hostel. It took over an hour to get to Elgol and we were soon on the water. It was lovely to see clear skies and silky seas. First goal was Camasunary bothy, set in a lovely bay, then on to Loch Coruisk and to the island of Soay. We saw the most seals we had seen at any one time, and we were careful not to spook them. It was interesting to see how relaxed they were with the tour power boats but twitchy with us. 

The winds were due to pick up to F4/5 by 2pm so we kept things moving. Soay was the original home of Gavin Maxwel, the shark hunter turned conservationist. The sun was lovely and warm, and it would have been easy to snooze ... We walked across the island and met a woman and her dog. She had lived on the island for 23 years and at the early stages 17 people lived on the island, now there was only 3!
Sensing a feeling of sadness, we all wondered what it would be like on an island full time throughout the whole year!

We headed back with the wind now freshening to F4 although on our bow and we enjoyed the ride! Back at the start and keen for a brew, we loaded and headed to the local cafe for cheese scones, tea and to chat about our next plan and to find a spot with shelter for the tents and us from the F5/6 due to arrive imminently......!


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